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Features of GE Spacemaker and LG WashCombo Washer/Dryer Units

At Appliances 4 Less Atlanta, we understand the importance of having reliable and efficient laundry appliances in your home. For those in Atlanta and nearby areas like Marietta, Decatur, Roswell, and Alpharetta, we offer a selection of open box, scratch and dented washer and dryer units that deliver performance and value. Today, we spotlight two standout models: the GUD27ESSMWW GE Unitized Spacemaker and the WM6998HBA Ventless Washer/Dryer Combo LG WashCombo™️.


GUD27ESSMWW GE Unitized Spacemaker

The GE Unitized Spacemaker offers a practical solution for those with limited space but in need of full functionality. With a washer capacity of 3.8 cu. ft. and a 5.9 cu. ft. capacity electric dryer, this unit is designed to handle your laundry efficiently and effectively.

  • Dual Functionality: Combines a washing machine and a dryer in a single unit, saving space and simplifying laundry tasks.
  • Stainless Steel Washer Drum: Durable and resistant to rust and chipping.
  • Multiple Wash and Dry Cycles: Includes various settings to cater to different fabrics and soiling levels, ensuring optimal care for your garments.
  • Rotary-Electronic Controls: Makes it easy to set and forget your washing and drying, with clear, simple controls.

WM6998HBA LG WashCombo™️

The LG WashCombo™️ is a ventless washer/dryer combo that brings advanced technology and superior capacity to your home laundry setup. Featuring a 5.0 cu. ft. mega capacity, this unit is equipped with Inverter HeatPump T™️ technology and a Direct Drive Motor that offer high efficiency and durability.

  • All-in-One Solution: Washes and dries in the same unit, ideal for apartments and spaces without external venting options.
  • Inverter HeatPump T™️ Technology: Provides energy-efficient drying with lower temperatures compared to traditional dryers, reducing the risk of fabric damage.
  • Direct Drive Motor: Delivers reliable, quiet operation with fewer moving parts and reduced wear and tear.
  • Mega Capacity: Large enough to handle a hefty load of laundry, making it perfect for families or bulky items.

Why Shop at Appliances 4 Less Atlanta?

Choosing Appliances 4 Less Atlanta means gaining access to high-quality appliances at a fraction of the cost. Our open box, scratch and dented items, including the GE Spacemaker and LG WashCombo, offer unbeatable value without compromising on functionality or performance. Whether you’re upgrading your home or furnishing a new one, we provide expert advice and the best appliance deals in the Atlanta area.

The GE Unitized Spacemaker and LG WashCombo washer/dryer combos are excellent choices for anyone looking to save space and reduce hassle in their laundry routines. Visit us at or come by our store in Atlanta to see these units in person and explore our wide range of appliance options. Optimize your home with the best in laundry technology at a price that works within your budget.

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