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5 Ways to Use Your Appliances to Make Summer Easy

As the summer heat ramps up in Atlanta, and surrounding cities like Marietta, Decatur, Roswell, and Alpharetta, staying cool and comfortable becomes a priority. At Appliances 4 Less Atlanta, where we offer a variety of open box, scratch, and dented appliances, we know that your home appliances can play a significant role in easing the summer strain. Here are five innovative ways to use your appliances to enhance your summer experience.


Maximize Your Refrigerator’s Efficiency

Summer means more demand on your refrigerator, not just to keep food fresh but also to ensure cold drinks are always on hand. Optimize your refrigerator’s efficiency by:

  • Keeping it full: A full fridge retains cold better than an empty one.
  • Allowing good air circulation: Avoid overpacking to maintain consistent cooling.
  • Setting the right temperature: Keep your fridge at 37-40°F and your freezer at 0°F.

Additionally, consider using your fridge to chill towels or facial spritzers for a quick cooldown after outdoor activities.

Utilize Your Microwave for Cooking

Avoid heating up your kitchen by using your oven less and your microwave more. Microwaves cook food faster and generate less heat. You can make anything from steamed vegetables and potatoes to more complex dishes like lasagnas and casseroles without turning your kitchen into a sauna.

Efficient Dishwasher Use

Running your dishwasher at night can help manage your home’s temperature and energy efficiency. Dishwashers emit heat when in use, so running them during cooler evening hours helps reduce the burden on your air conditioning system. Moreover, ensure it’s fully loaded before running to save on water and energy.

Smart Washing Machine Practices

Use your washing machine’s cold wash settings for summer laundry. Cold water is just as effective at cleaning clothes and uses less energy than hot water cycles. Additionally, take advantage of the warmer weather by line-drying clothes outside, saving on dryer use and enjoying the fresh scent of sun-dried fabrics.

Automate with a Programmable Thermostat

While not a typical kitchen or laundry appliance, integrating a programmable thermostat into your home appliance usage can significantly improve your comfort and energy usage. Set it to raise the temperature during the hours you’re typically out of the house and cool down before you return. This smart use of technology ensures your home is always comfortable without wasting energy.

Utilizing your home appliances efficiently can transform how you experience summer, making it more enjoyable and less of a challenge. At Appliances 4 Less Atlanta, we offer a range of appliances that can help you optimize your home’s functionality and comfort during the hot months. Visit us online at or stop by our Atlanta store to find the best deals on appliances that make summer easy. Remember, a little strategic planning with your appliances can go a long way in enhancing your summer comfort and efficiency!

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